Amid a marathon week of soft-launches in the last week of January, I headed to Bel-Air on New Fetter Lane for a lunchtime stop nearby my office. When I heard that Bel-Air was launching in the heart of legal London, I took a sharp intake of breath. Describing itself as “Born in LA, Raised in … Continue reading Bel-Air


Bala Baya

Israeli food, a 25% discount, and a hidden spot underneath Southwark’s railway arches: yes, please. Bala Baya is a new restaurant from ex-Ottolenghi chef Eran Tibi and popper-upper Sammy Shonn. Heart-warmingly, Bala Baya is an incarnation of what they describe as their very own “poem to Tel Aviv”. This is a tale of an honest … Continue reading Bala Baya


Always on the look-out for a soft launch/bargain supper, a friend had informed me about Veneta’s very generous 50% discount for an austere January. Opened last October, Veneta is the latest (brain)child of the Salt Yard Group and has set up shop in a hotly contested neighbourhood featuring the likes of Fumo, Kiln and Margot. … Continue reading Veneta

Tabun Kitchen

A Friday night mezze of authentic Palestinian cooking. In theory, this sounded like the perfect setting for a catch-up supper with my tapas friends on a wintery night, post-London’s first shower of seasonal snow. The offer of 50% off for mains was also in keeping with the January theme. The influence of the Middle East … Continue reading Tabun Kitchen

Bánh Bánh

Vietnamese street food; Peckham; and a soft launch: how could I resist?! Bánh Bánh – literally meaning “all things delicious” – were previously in residence at the Bussey Building and now have a permanent site in Peckham Rye. After extensive email correspondence with “Tien”, I managed to secure a booking during the soft launch weekend … Continue reading Bánh Bánh


A soft launch of a restaurant set up by an ex-Palomar chef – how could I miss out?! Foley’s is brought together by Head Chef Mitz Vora who joined from his position as Sous Chef at The Palomar. Following a successful six-week pop-up (at Foley’s Tasting Kitchen) in Shepherds Bush, the team opened their permanent … Continue reading Foley’s


Hot off the heels of London's recent craze for all things noodle, Den specialises in udon noodles. Given that, when it comes to Asian cooking, I usually opt for more refined noodle options, such as the thinner rice noodles or the buckwheat soba variety, I was dubious about how I’d feel about these thicker wheat-based … Continue reading Den

Beany Green and Timmy Green

Beany Green's 30-seater flagship cafe in Broadgate Circle promises a “distinctive blend of Aussie coffee, bold healthy food, and unique street art”. It’ll only take you a walk outside, and a look at the colourful, cheeky pop-art window decorations, to realise they’re not doing things by halves. As well as having branches at Paddington and … Continue reading Beany Green and Timmy Green

Granger & Co

Hot on the heels of a new London restaurant opening and continuing my search of the city's best quinoa, I stumbled upon the newly opened Granger & Co. in King's Cross – Bill Granger's third London branch - for a birthday celebration. Not only would supper here be a joint birthday treat for both my … Continue reading Granger & Co