A sister’s birthday in my family spells pizza.  Hurrah, a chance to sample Neapolitan pure sea-water made pizzas over at O’ver (pun intended).  And they’re finished with organic olive oil from Sicily! The finest of Italian produce all round.  Yes, you right to detect a hint of sarcasm. O’ver’s USP, in their words, is to … Continue reading O’ver



For my nephew’s first trip out (aged 5 weeks!), I suggested Streatham Hill’s relatively local pizzeria, Addomme.  The Evening Standard had, after all, hailed it as one of London’s best sourdoughs.  And what’s more, you can book– a rarity nowadays but oh so essential with the little one(s). As the restaurant itself is tiny, booking … Continue reading Addommè


Copenhagen’s mother of all pizzerias – Mother (pun had to be made) – has landed in London and most excitingly, it’s laid its roots in my soon-to-be neck of the woods, Battersea. Though I won’t quite be a Nine Elms resident, the developing Circus West Village, underneath the trendy old arches, has a lot going … Continue reading Mother

Radio Alice

For a pre-mother’s day treat, a pizza supper with the family was called for (by me…!).  This was also the perfect excuse to try out the new concept pizzeria, Radio Alice. So enticing did their Instagram photographs look that they’d lured me to Hoxton Square…on a Sunday evening.  Both the Pizze Rosse (with an organic … Continue reading Radio Alice

Theo’s Pizzeria

Located in the heart of Camberwell, just a short walk from Denmark Hill and Peckham Rye, I’d come across Theo’s Pizzeria through the wonderful world of Instagram and deliciously tempting snaps of Neapolitan sourdough pizzas in one of my favourite spots in South London. I was also very keen on entering their Instagram competition to … Continue reading Theo’s Pizzeria

Santa Maria

In the theme of Spring soft launches, a pizza-themed one was unmissable for both my family and I, especially as this one was at Santa Maria pizzeria which has recently set up shop in Chelsea. Santa Maria has a renowned reputation. Within weeks of the opening of its original branch in Ealing back in 2010 – … Continue reading Santa Maria

Zia Lucia

Charcoal base, gluten-free and a soft launch: the perfect ingredients for a pizza prepared in honour of an Italianate looking mummy – “Auntie Lucia”. Islington’s Zia Lucia brings Londoners a truly new way to enjoy pizza. By combining a special selection of unique doughs – rare in the London pizza scene – with a flair … Continue reading Zia Lucia


Nearing the top of my list of London’s best pizza is Homeslice. Like Pizza Pilgrims, Homeslice began life as a market stall, serving slices fired in a homebuilt wood-fired oven at street food markets across east London. Following two nomadic years, they brought their wood-fired pizza from the streets to their first permanent home in … Continue reading Homeslice

Franco Manca

Having feasted on many pizzas at Franco Manca, a post-facto review of this iconic and immensely popular pizzeria is on the table. If you thought great pizza began and ended in Italy, think again. Indeed, my first pizza at Franco Manca was a sort of “pizza awakening” for me and inspired me to begin my … Continue reading Franco Manca

Great British Pizza Company

Continuing my trail along London’s pizza scene, I arrived at the Great British Pizza Company. Following its success in Margate, former chef Rachel Seed and journalist Lisa Richards bagged a second site on the foodie hotspot of Clerkenwell’s Exmouth Market. The street has a fête like quality, with bunting and lights adorning the road and … Continue reading Great British Pizza Company