Arthur Hooper’s

On a warm Tuesday evening in May, my companion and I were craving a few small plates and glasses of wine, ideally somewhere near work.  And so to Arthur Hooper's, tucked away inside Borough Market on Stoney Street.  As such, Arthur Hooper's offers the best of both worlds: with its doors flung open and seating … Continue reading Arthur Hooper’s



Hoppers has long been on My List of restaurants to go to, but I guess I've been reluctant to tick it off, not only because of its infamously long queues, but also as it's possible to find paper thin crispy dosas (it's Indian pancake cousin) in South London suburbs like Tooting and the like for … Continue reading Hoppers

Xi’an Impression

Some of London's best restaurants are the unknown spots, those unassuming eateries, tucked away on local high streets.  Tired of browsing Timeout, Hot Dinners and the Guardian's columns, I welcomed my friend's suggestion of what she described as the best Sichuanese in town.  Although their website is dated and even features photographs of their dishes, … Continue reading Xi’an Impression

Zest at JW3

I’ve always been dubious about bottomless brunches: how much would I really want to drink during a Sunday day over a civilised brunch?! But I write this post one and I’ve been proven totally wrong: Zest at JW3’s take on it is a total success: the food, the drink(s), its culture and my company. For … Continue reading Zest at JW3


I had hopes for Lahpet, one of London's first Burmese restaurants proper, a cuisine that I feel is much underappreciated in this city. It's surprising there aren't more takes on this food which celebrates the very best of Asia; it's quite literally a melting pot of traditions, spices, herbs, pastes, sauces. Following on from its … Continue reading Lahpet


The Spring heatwave that shone over London in the late weekend of April spelled one thing for me: a plate (or two or three) of Greek food.  The very idea of these dishes conjures up images of Greek islands, rustic villages and blue oceans.  And its light and refreshing dips are ideal for the setting.  … Continue reading Opso

Malibu Kitchen

In a corner of the disused Midland Bank, which now goes by the name of The Ned, Malibu Kitchen occupies an unlikely spot to invoke LA, post-yoga vibes.  There’s even a teeny cactus on each table.  Malibu Kitchen is one of the many eateries adorning the food court (borderline food theme park) sitting in one corner … Continue reading Malibu Kitchen

West Wine

Wine bar and "conscious" cooking: it may sound like an oxymoron but inspired by LA, West Wine seek to pair the two inside, or on top of, a very unlikely spot.  Promoting minimal food waste, seasonal ingredients, and sustainable suppliers, the ethos behind West Wine wins ticks on all levels – well, six to be … Continue reading West Wine


Bringing the boisterous fun of Israeli food to Marylebone, Delamina adds colours, flavours and textures to the foodie scene around Blandford Street.  Drawing upon the foods of the Levantine and beyond, its founders and food alike span a compilation of cultures and sub-cultures.  The creation of husband-and-wife team Limor and Amir Chen, also behind Shoreditch’s … Continue reading Delamina

El Pastor

Tacos and tortillas chips are freshly made everyday at El Pastor and even the sounds of these words conjure up all the fun of Mexican fare.  El Pastor is part of the wave of Mexican restaurants that have recently opened in London.  So far, my favourite is probably Corazon, followed by Santo Remedio and Breddos Tacos.  Whilst … Continue reading El Pastor